Enjoy 2 tickets for the price of 1 with Makasib Wednesdays

Grab a friend and treat them to a midweek movie!

The Makasib Wednesdays offer is available exclusively to all active Omantel Makasib members.  To receive a text with your 2-for-1 coupon code now, dial *224*33# and select Makasib Wednesday then VOX CINEMAS from your Omantel number.  Use the code you receive to book online or in person.  

The 2-for-1 offer is valid for all Omantel Makasib members on Wednesdays.


  1. Get your coupon code by dialing *224*33# and select Makasib Wednesday then VOX CINEMAS from your Omantel number
  2. Check your messages. You should receive an SMS from Omantel Makasib which contains your 2-for-1 coupon code, valid for any movie showing the upcoming Wednesday (or same day if you are receiving this on a Wednesday).
  3. Book your tickets. You can book your Makasib Wednesday 2-for-1 tickets in one of two ways:
    • Online: Buy your 2-for-1 tickets online and skip the line. Choose your movie session time, sign in to your VOX Cinemas Oman member account and enter your coupon code at the ticket offer step of the booking pages. 
    • In person on Wednesday: Show the SMS coupon code at the cinema ticket office to get your 2-for-1 tickets if you are going to buy your Makasib Wednesday movie tickets in person. Tickets can only be purchased from the box office on the Wednesday itself.


What is the Makasib Wednesdays promotion?

It's from Omantel loyalty program Makasib book your Wednesday movie online or visit the cinema and enjoy two movie tickets for the price of one. Pay for yourself and take a friend for free! 

What are the participating cinemas?

All VOX Cinema Oman cinemas that are open to the public accept the offer with the exception of tickets for MAX sessions (Standard and VIP) in Muscat Grand Mall and Premium View seats in Muscat Grand Mall

Which types of tickets are included in this promotion?

The promotion applies to all movie sessions available to the paying public at VOX Cinemas Oman on Wednesday, excluding Premium View seats in Muscat Grand Mall and MAX sessions (Standard and VIP seats) in Muscat Grand Mall, premieres, special events and private screenings. 

Who is eligible for this promotion?

All active Omantel Makasib members will be eligible for Makasib Wednesday offer.  To be active,  a customer must have earned at least 1 Makasib point in the past 30 days.

How do I take advantage of this promotion?

Dial *224*33# and select Makasib Wednesday then VOX CINEMAS from your Omantel number. If you are eligible you will receive an SMS coupon which includes a 6-character alphanumeric code. Show this SMS at the cinema ticket office, or input the code when booking online and you’ll be able to buy two tickets for the price of one.

Can I book the seats in advance?

Yes, we encourage you to book your cinema tickets in advance using the VOX Cinemas Oman website, or the VOX Cinemas Oman App available on iOS and Android.

If I don't book online, am I guaranteed a seat in the cinema?

Sorry, when booking at the cinema ticket office, seats are available on a first-come first-served basis. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book online as soon as you receive your SMS code.

How many SMS coupons can I use in a week?

Each Omantel Makasib member can request one SMS coupon per week.

Must the free ticket be to the same movie as the paid ticket?

Yes, we designed this offer for you to take somebody to watch the movie together.

Can I send text-tickets to somebody else?

Sorry, the SMS coupons cannot be transferred. The offer is only valid if the SMS coupon is being used by the person who requested it from their Omantel line.

Do I need to bring my Omantel phone to the cinema?

Yes, please bring the Omantel phone from which you’ve requested the SMS coupon to the cinema with you.

How long do the SMS coupons last? (i.e. what is their validity period?)

SMS coupons expire at midnight each Wednesday. i.e. they are only valid up until the coming Wednesday.


1.  Makasib Wednesdays offer is for all active Omantel Makasib members. To be active, a customer must have earnt at least 1 Makasib point in the past 30 days.
2. Purchase one(1) movie ticket using the text message coupon sent by Omantel Makasib and you will be entitled to receive one (1) complimentary ticket for the same show, to be used in accordance with the following terms and conditions.
3. This ticket offer applies to all 2D and 3D Standard, VIP, MAX (2D and 3D Standard), KIDS (2D and 3D Standard) and IMAX (Standard and VIP) screenings of films available to the paying public at VOX Cinemas Oman on Wednesdays, excluding Premium View Seats in Muscat Grand Mall and all MAX sessions (Standard and VIP) in VOX Cinemas, Muscat Grand Mall , premieres, special events and private screenings.
4. The offer is valid until 3 August, 2020.
5. Text message coupons can be used to book movie tickets only for screenings occurring on Wednesdays during the offer period and during the advertised opening hours of VOX Cinemas Oman. Text message coupons can be presented at the cinema box office when buying the cinema ticket on a Wednesday. The text message coupon will be validated by the box office staff.
6. Text message coupons can be requested up to one (1) week in advance (i.e. from the previous Wednesday) and can be redeemed online by booking online or via the VOX Cinemas app available on iOS and Android.
7. Once the coupon has been redeemed online, customers will check out as normal, pay for one (1) ticket and receive a booking reference number. Customers can collect their tickets at the cinema ticket counters.  
8. The free cinema ticket will be issued for the same film, seating area in cinema and same session as the paid cinema ticket and both must be used at the same time.
9. There is a maximum of one (1) text message coupon per Omantel Makasib member (account) per week. You can only use a text message coupon once. Once validated, the text message coupon cannot be used again. One (1) paid cinema ticket entitles the Omantel Makasib member to only one (1) complimentary free admission.
10. Each text message coupon is valid until the date stated therein.
11. Seat availability is on a first come, first served basis. Text message coupon holders and their guests have no priority over other customers.
12. By accepting this ticket offer, you agree and authorize Omantel and VOX Cinemas Oman to process your personal data.
13. Admissions are subject to film classifications. Proof of age may be requested prior to entry into the cinema.
14. Text message coupons are non-transferable, and are subject to availability.
15. Text message coupons are issued on a request-basis to all active Omantel Makasib members. We may revise the terms of this promotion from time to time, and we reserve the right to change the amount that you have to spend in order to qualify.
16. You can't use this promotion in conjunction with any other offer.
17. The free cinema ticket issued is complimentary, with zero cash value. We do not offer a cash alternative.
18. Once the text message coupons have been redeemed, the paid ticket and the complimentary ticket are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
19. The VOX Cinemas Oman standard terms and conditions of purchase, sale and entry apply to this ticket offer.
20. This ticket offer is valid across all VOX Cinema Oman cinemas that are open to the public except MAX sessions (Standard and VIP) in VOX Cinemas, Muscat Grand Mall.