Fortress 2: Sniper's Eye

Fortress 2: Sniper's Eye

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Starring Bruce Willis (Pulp Fiction), this action cyber-thriller continues the adventure begun in Fortress. Weeks after the deadly assault on Fortress Camp, Robert (Bruce Willis) makes a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of his old nemesis Balzary (Chad Michael Murray, "One Tree Hill"). But back in the camp's command bunker, it appears Sasha may have devious plans of her own. As a new attack breaks out, Robert is confronted with a familiar face he thought he'd never see again...

Fortress 2: Sniper's Eye - Showtimes


  1. Standard
    1. 9:50pm
    2. 11:55pm

City Centre Muscat

  1. Standard
    1. 6:35pm
    2. 11:35pm

City Centre Qurum

  1. Standard
    1. 6:00pm
    2. 11:15pm

City Centre Suhar

  1. Standard
    1. 6:55pm
    2. 9:05pm
    3. 11:15pm

Mall of Oman

  1. Standard
    1. 8:45pm
    2. 10:50pm


  1. Standard
    1. 11:30pm


  1. Standard
    1. 7:25pm
    2. 11:45pm


  1. Standard
    1. 8:15pm
    2. 9:20pm

Suhar Plaza

  1. Standard
    1. 8:55pm
    2. 11:30pm


  1. Standard
    1. 9:00pm

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