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A drunk man trespasses in to Lion’s enclosure in the zoo & the security guard jumps to rescue him. The encounter with Darshan, the king, in his territory will change their lives forever.

Grrr - Showtimes

City Centre Qurum

  1. Standard
    1. 1:45pm
    2. 5:40pm
    3. 11:30pm

City Centre Suhar

  1. Standard
    1. 1:50pm
    2. 4:30pm
    3. 10:15pm

Muscat Grand Mall

  1. Standard
    1. 12:00pm
    2. 11:15pm

Nizwa Grand Mall

  1. Standard
    1. 2:10pm
    2. 7:55pm
    3. 10:55pm

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