How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World

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From DreamWorks Animation comes the highly anticipated culmination of one of the most popular animated franchises in film history, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. What began as an unlikely friendship between an adolescent Viking and a fearsome Night Fury dragon has become an epic trilogy spanning their lives. In this next chapter, Hiccup and Toothless will finally discover their true destinies: the village chief as ruler of Berk alongside Astrid, and the dragon as leader of his own kind. As both ascend, the darkest threat they’ve yet faced—as well as the appearance of a female Night Fury—will test the bonds of their relationship like never before.

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World - Showtimes

City Centre Muscat

  1. 4DX
    1. 10:45am 3D
    2. 3:50pm 3D
    3. 9:00pm 3D
  2. Standard
    1. 10:00am 3D
    2. 12:20pm
    3. 2:20pm
    4. 4:40pm
    5. 6:40pm 3D

City Centre Qurum

  1. IMAX
    1. 11:30am 3D
    2. 1:45pm 3D
    3. 4:00pm 3D
    4. 6:15pm 3D
  2. Standard
    1. 10:20am

City Centre Suhar

  1. Kids
    1. 11:00am
    2. 1:20pm 3D
    3. 3:45pm
    4. 6:00pm 3D
    5. 8:20pm 3D
  2. Standard
    1. 1:20pm 3D
    2. 3:40pm


  1. Kids
    1. 10:00am
    2. 12:15pm
    3. 4:40pm
  2. Standard
    1. 6:00pm


  1. MX4D
    1. 11:25am 3D
    2. 4:10pm 3D

Suhar Plaza

  1. Standard
    1. 7:10pm

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