Kodiyil Oruvan

Kodiyil Oruvan

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Hero's mother is an honest Panchayat president. Due to her honesty, she faces trouble from certain people and they even plan to kill her. She escapes somehow but brings up her son with a determination to make him a high-profile official to overcome all political obstructions and serve the people effectively. The son also promises to his mother. What happens next and whether he was able to fulfill his promise or not is the rest of the story.

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    1. 1:20pm
    2. 4:30pm
    3. 7:45pm


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    1. 3:30pm
    2. 7:00pm
    3. 10:25pm

Nizwa Grand Mall

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    1. 1:05pm
    2. 7:20pm


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    1. 2:00pm
    2. 5:30pm
    3. 8:15pm


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    1. 5:30pm


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    1. 9:50pm

Suhar Plaza

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    1. 4:20pm
    2. 10:00pm

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